Vibration monitoring and its impact

vibration monitoring and its impactEvery rotating machine produce vibrations that are the functions of machine dynamics and in fact vibration is always there associated with the rotation of shafts. The measurement of amplitude of vibration at certain frequencies provides valuable information about the accuracy of shaft movement, balance and the condition of gear, shaft and bearing etc. In general vibration monitoring tells the health of the components and the accuracy of functions of those components.

Vibration monitoring is the measurement and analysis of vibration of equipments or that of particular components of equipments during start-up, shut down or during normal operation to know the condition and state of the moving parts. Hence vibration monitoring constitutes a major part of the condition monitoring system.

Vibration Monitoring Equipment is used to measure vibration in machines such as turbines, pumps, compressors, rolling mills and gear boxes etc. The data recorded gives the idea about the mechanical and operational condition of the equipments. The major advantage of vibration monitoring is that the upcoming defects can be identified before the problems with the machine become too grave and any major downtime can be avoided easily. Also this can be used to find out small faults in machines that can be checked out quickly and ensure the continuity of operation and the efficiency of the system is boosted up.

Downtime can also be substantially decreased by regularly conducting condition monitoring tests for machine vibrations at frequent intervals. With regular monitoring you can know if there is any bearing whose condition is deteriorating or a gear box that is about to malfunction. With vibration monitoring we can also come to know the misalignment of any shaft, bearing or their deterioration. Vibration analysis also brings the faults in alignment and replacement of shafts in to the front and makes us aware about the faulty maintenance practices we follow.

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