Wonderful Cooler and AC In One Machine

The Cool Green Machine recently invented by Virgil Heil of Birmingham, is a cooler that also cools the atmosphere. It performs like a conventional cooler with ice to preserve food and beverages, a fan being its key element.

It is a cooler as well as an air conditioning unit. Moreover, you can take it with you for an outing, where it will serve you to preserve food and drinks. The most wonderful about this cooler is it can be plugged in, run on a battery or AC adapter and even on solar power, so you can get its benefit in any situation.

The inventor of Cool Green Machine, Verigil Heil was inspired to create it, from an incident of a big blackout in 2003 when a lot of people were stuck in high-rise buildings, with no power, when food spoiled and there was no air conditioning.

The machine works with no compressor, Freon or condenser and is created from cent per cent recycled material.

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