Application of high technology in agriculture

Sowing a new generation. Electronic programmed to monitor drills suffered its management in the tractor cab. Department of AGCO Tye. He maintains control drills in cereal boxes that send a warning. If the level of grain is low, the recorded acreage that use akrometer. Programmable electronic planter monitor all seeders Tye 2000 series is valid. Also on cultivating the land systems.

Chemical control of Diskey Corporation of India announced a Governing Ground I and II of managed lands from Land Manager. Both of them are specially designed to control the use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia, as well as other sprayers that use chemicals.

Agriculture and irrigation system

At the University of Missouri Bill Cassidy, a specialist in agricultural crops has been developed a simple penetrating system that will enable farmers to know at what time it is necessary to include water. For this purpose tanzometr under irrigation.

Says Cassidy, tanzometr measures the amount of water in the soil, sending a signal that it is already dry. Cassidy is a signal box. Tanzometr – a tube filled with water in the soil. After drying, the soil reduces the water level, thus creating a vacuum, there is a check box.

VIS (Global Information Systems) can make the difficult easy. They turn to farming more and more, because their goal – to make complex things look easy. This was said by Jack Dendzhermon, who is president of the Institute of Systems, exploring the environment. In 1997, a conference on agriculture. Speakers Chempeyne, Dandzhermon and Illinois explained that the detailed information provided by the CEP in a visual form that allows you to combine and analyze complex information to farmers.

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