5 Important Factors to Consider while Buying the Right Welding Machine

Welding Machine ReviewEverything in the world ultimately breaks at some time or the other. But fortunately masterminds in engineering have found machines to repair even broken objects made of metal. One such miraculous machine is a welding machine. A portable welding machine is useful to you, no matter whether you’re a homeowner, house remodeler or a professional engineer. Having a portable welding machine gives you the freedom of doing a repair job which you can do on your own instead of waiting for a professional. You can handle most basic repair jobs and not only keep your workflow unhindered but also save a lot of money on professionals’ fees. Having your own welding machine has still more benefits including making additional income, saving repair costs and even fulfilling various hobbies.

On the other hand, if you are a professional yourself, like a repair and maintenance specialist, construction expert or home remodeler, having a portable welding machine is of utmost importance as you may need one every now and then. All in all, whether you’re a hobbyist handyman like Tony Dow or a professional like Drew and Jonathan Scott, a welding machine is a must-have for you. You can get a lot of information about welding machines and related products on an amazing website named Welding Machine Review.


Here are a few useful tips on buying the best welding machine for you.

1. How to Select a Welding Machine?

A welding machine is a long-term investment and many people experience that they get what they pay for. Although sometimes it’s useful to try a used machine, selecting the right machine for the first time can save your money and eliminate problems in the long run. You won’t want your welding machine to fail in the middle of a big job. The best welding machine will finish any project that comes to it and minimizes hindrances. This also means that the most expensive welding machine is not always the best in every scenario. However, it’s also true that the cheapest welding machine that is unable to handle every project also is of no use.

You’ll have to consider a range of factors including the technique used for the welding process. Four commonly used welding processes are:

  1. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  2. Flux-Cored Arc Welding ((FCAW)
  3. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  4. Gas Metal Arc Welding

All these have their own limitations. So, it’s essential to understand which of the welding machines can meet your particular needs. Some other factors to consider are power supply requirements, material thickness, welding position and type of welding material.

Best Welding Tips and Tricks for Beginners

2. Power Supply Requirements

AC and DC are the two kinds of power supply used by welding machines. Since AC power supply is easy to handle, cost-effective but scores low on thermal efficiency, it’s more popular than the other. It’s unfitting for precision welding particularly for non-ferrous metals and alloys, but is perfect for iron group metal welding. It is not suitable for welding sheet of metals due to difficulty in beginning the arc. Arc welding needs a power supply to install an electric arc between the welding material and electrode so that welding can be performed at the point of welding. AC welding is a preferred choice for TIG welding. MIG welding machines work on DC power source. DC power supply guarantees a steady voltage for the welding process. By going through a welding machine review, you can find out whether the welding machine you’re considering can fulfill your power supply requirements.

Welding process

3. Welding Material – Type, Thickness and Welding Position

While welding thin materials, short arc welding should be used and the position should preferably be flat. For short arc welding of stainless steel, shielding gas A-1025 is the best. For thicker materials, spray arc welding in the flat position is advisable.

Welding technique


4. Size

There is no one-size-fits-all power source for welding. Every machine has a different effective working range. Here’s a short description of which welder size fits a specific application the best.

If you want to do a light repair work on steel, aluminum and stainless steel, a 130 amp MIG or TIG unit with 20-30% duty cycle can accomplish many of the required welding operations.

If you want to work on a heavier repair or manufacturing project, you should consider a MIG or TIG unit with minimum 200 amps and a duty cycle of 40% or more. Keep in mind that you should have enough current to ensure right penetration of the root (first) pass. You can’t make an adjustment for a poor root pass with succeeding passages.

By correctly taking the several factors of your application into consideration and by checking the benefits of each welding process, the correct welding power source can be chosen easily and profitably.

Welding a pipe

5. Types of Welding

MIG Welding

This is very popular because it often costs less than TIG or stick welding. It’s also very easy to learn and can handle a range of projects. As the filler metal is passed through the MIG torch, welders can hold the torch steady with both hands rather than holding it inconveniently with one hand as in TIG welding. The wire feed too make MIG welding up to four times quicker.

MIG welding

TIG Welding

When it comes to the looks of the completed project, TIG welding produces clean, high-quality weld by deforming the metal far less with the use of non-consumable tungsten electrode. TIG welding eliminates spattering because only the necessary amount of filler metal required in the weld puddle is used. This ensures a high-quality weld.

woman welder welding

Stick Welding

This is the most effective welding technique for fusing joints and alloys. However, it’s the least efficient as well. A consumable rod electrode is used in this technique, which works anywhere i.e. inside or out, and the process is simple. The weld seam is not protected by a shielding gas, but the electrode is coated with a flux that coats and protects the weld. After the welding is finished, this layer is to be removed.

Since it doesn’t involve a shielding gas, stick welding is an economical and therefore popular choice.

welder welding

While buying a welding machine, you have to consider these many factors. The website Welding Machine Review will be a great help. We hope that they will help you make a right decision. All the best!

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