You Might Be Not Be Alive, If Not For That Hydraulic Tool!

"Hydraulic tools"Hydraulic tools and machines are highly versatile and they are used in different industries especially in the construction sector. The tools also come in very handy when there has been an accident and some of them have acquired the name “jaws of life”. They can be used to extract people from a vehicle that has been involved in an accident. The machines are also used to rescue people from other situations such as cave-ins, construction accidents, and other incidents. The hydraulic tools, including rams, cutters and spreaders, have been used on many occasions to save lives.

Hydraulic cutters or scissors

These strong hydraulic powered scissors are used to cut through metal. They can be used to cut metal structures in vehicles and destroyed buildings. The scissors or cutters come with replaceable steel blades that are strong enough to cut through different debris. They are very useful when trying to rescue people who are in a confined space and they have different speeds to ensure the safety of those being rescued. Some also have removable handles to allow for versatility. There are different types of cutters made by different manufacturers and they have different operation methods, but they all perform the same function.

Hydraulic rams

The rams come in many different sizes and different manufacturers around the world make them. Each size exerts a different amount of force and uses a different amount of hydraulic fluid. There are rams that are designed to dig and are used to rescue people who are trapped in cave-ins or inside destroyed buildings. The telescopic rams are very effective in different conditions and they have heads and bases that are made for digging through different material and terrain. There are small mini rams that are ideal for small spaces like car dashboards. The hydraulic pressure pushes and pulls the material to create the required space for the rescue.

Hydraulic spreaders

The spreaders are made using high strength aluminum, and they have ‘arm-like’ features that can be spread wide. The collapsible handles have tips that can bend in different directions. They are placed between the spaces in the car door or fenders, and pressure is applied to push the metal apart. The hydraulic pressure is used to spread the arms or separate them, and they come with different speeds for different functions.

Power tools

Hydraulic power tools can generate power through electricity, gas or manually. The different tools have different engine capabilities and they are used for different functions. The size and strength of the units vary and they are chosen depending on the power required. The power units that use hydraulic pressure can be operated by hand and are connected to a power unit. They are usually helpful where light use is required.

Most rescue teams have some of these lifesaving equipments with them at all times. When they go on a rescue mission, they have to determine the tools that will perform the actions required in the most efficient manner. Have you ever been saved because of such tools? Do share with me!

Weston Markley works as a PR for hydraulic tools company and suggests hydraulic tools for constructing homes and building. He writes press release and article to promote the company among the masses.

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