Types of Earth Moving Equipment

Earth moving equipment is also called construction equipment or engineering vehicles or heavy equipment. Earth movers are extremely heavy machines or are compound machines made up of four or five machines. The main advantage of earth movers are that they perform more than one function at a time, which makes sure that you get your money’s worth.

Earth Moving Equipment

They are made up of five basic systems, namely implement, traction, control, power train and structure. Most of these equipments make the use of hydraulics and power transfers. Are there many Different types of earthmoving equipments and tools AVAILABLE. Some of these are:

• Backhoe-this is excavating equipment that has a digging bucket attached at the end. This is attached to the back of a tractor. It is used for digging the earth.

• Road Roller-a road roller is used to compact soil, asphalt, concrete, gravel, in the construction of foundations of roads. This heavy machine is used to compress the surface on which it is rolled.

• Hydraulic Hammer-this demolishes concrete structures or rocks. It also makes a percussion hammer that is fitted to an excavator for added benefits.

• Pile Driver – as the name suggests, this engineering equipment drives piles into the soil. Also the pile driving is generally used to make the foundations of the constructions or the buildings stronger.

• Excavator Bucket-this is a bucket like tool attached to a heavy vehicle like a hook extension or an arm which is used for excavating or scooping waste, soil and other such things.

• Grapple-this simple machine is a hook or a claw that is used to get hold of something. Grapple can be attached to other heavier vehicles or machines for larger purposes.

• Crane-this lifting machine when used with simple equipment attached to it like a rake or a bucket attached to it can lift or move heavier loads. It is usually used to move construction waste, soil, debris or waste.

• Drilling Machine-these are massive structures which are used to drill wells or holes in the earth. They are mostly used to drill oil or water wells.

• Bulldozer-this is a heavy earth moving equipment which is used to push large quantity of soil, rubble, construction material, sand, etc. It is basically a tractor with a dozer blade.

• Feller Buncher-this is a tool that is used for cutting and logging trees. It is a large machine that cuts trees without affecting any structures in the surrounding area.

There are several other earth moving equipments like combat engineering vehicles, graders, backhoes, front loader, tunnel boring machines, etc. They all serve different purposes and are useful in civil engineering and construction.

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