Steam Cleaning for Industries – Greener Way to Cleanliness

industrial Steam jet cleanerIt is a fact that the task of cleaning in an industrial setup takes a hell of a time, sweating and patience. Therefore researches constantly go on to develop better and more sophisticated cleaning machines to make industrial cleaning easy and fast. Because of this, today you can choose from among a range of steam jet machines created for industrial settings.

Steam Jet Cleaners

One of the handiest classes of cleaning machines today are industrial steam jet cleaning machines. They are sturdily built steam cleaners that can withstand the demands of industrial milieu easily. The components of these machines should be high-quality, stainless steel which makes them durable and reliable even after faced with tough cleaning requirements. The steam gun is able to reach and clean even the most difficult to reach areas.

High Pressure Levels

Temperatures given out by industrial steam jet cleaning machines can be extremely high, up to about 180 degrees Celsius. Because of this super hot temperature, stubborn grime and dirt which accumulate on machines’ parts get dissolved and softened. While these cleaners feature higher levels of pressure than their commercial counterparts (4 bars), they do not sport enough pressure or power for tackling heavy-duty degreasing jobs. For that purpose, industrial users have to use a steam jet having a high steam pressure.

Density of Steam

Another fact about industrial steam jet cleaners of high quality is the density of steam they give out is around 200% higher than the density of steam given out by standard or low-quality steam cleaners. This higher density of steam increases the productivity by accelerating the cleaning process. Therefore it is perfect for industrial milieu where vast areas are to be covered. And to make constant cleaning of these vast areas possible for long periods of time, water tank and detergent chambers having huge capacities are featured in these machines. Some companies also feature a constant refill capability that makes continuous production of vaporized steam possible, that allows continuous work till the job is finished.

Vacuuming Capabilities

Some models even feature steam vacuuming capabilities, for jobs that demand simultaneous steam cleaning. Steam vacuuming eliminates the requirement for wiping surfaces with a cloth or brush after applying steam. Therefore, while plain steam cleaning needs you to keep wiping surfaces, steam vacuuming make the cleaning process simpler and faster.

Additional Attachments

Steam cleaners of today even present many attachments like chewing gum removal system and more. These extra features greatly enhance the extraction ability of steam cleaning machines and make them powerful so as to manage the most challenging cleaning jobs.

chewing gum removing

No Need of Chemical Sanitizers

Traditional cleaning methods used by conventional cleaning machines usually require addition of chemical sanitizers to clean off surfaces. However, industrial steam jet cleaners don’t need the hazardous chemicals. The power of steam is able to simultaneously clean and sanitize various surfaces safely. Regarding disinfecting capabilities, some steam jet cleaners feature even anti-bacterial technology which removes up to 99.9% bacteria.

Therefore, if you recognize the importance of “green” cleaning, you will definitely opt for one of the industrial steam jet cleaners.

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