Impact Driver – Why Should You Get One?

impact driverA cordless impact driver makes you work quicker and better. How does it do so? How does it work? Can you get the best impact driver that will do most of your jobs? Let’s see.


The most important point to look for in impact drivers is torque. Why can an impact driver drive long screws? It’s because it creates plenty of torque. An impact driver surpasses the traditional drills because of its enormous torque. It means even a small driver has an ability to drive a long screw or bore a large hole.

Impact Drivers are not only for Driving Screws

Don’t assume that impact drivers can be of use only while driving screws; you can also bore big holes with it. Actually this appliance makes great drills. They serve as a drill with small bits, but at almost twice the speed of most of the cordless drills. If applied bigger bits, they are turned into high-torque mode; therefore smaller drivers can bore big holes.

Drive One-handed

Impact driver makes driving so much easily; you can drive even one-handed. With a regular driver, you need to apply your weight upon the screw and really push hard. If you don’t, the bit would “cam out” and grind the screw head. This is not the case with impact drivers. It has a hammer mechanism which creates torque which further creates some pressure in forward direction. So, you don’t need to push very hard. Therefore this tool is extremely useful for one-handed situations.

A Cure-all Tool?

It may be. An impact driver seems to be able to handle literally any job. Many handymen have already discarded the old drivers. But you may want to avoid the noise by using them when you don’t need a high torque.

Extremely Loud Noise

You will have to take care of your eardrums while using an impact driver, because the sound it produces is extremely loud. Wear earplugs or muffs or your hearing ability may get badly affected.

Not a Replacement for a Hammer Drill

Though it looks and sounds much like a hammer drill, it is not a replacement for one. The innards of an impact driver are designed to create torque and not for producing strong blows.

Extremely Easy to Work with

You may think that as they produce a lot of torque, impact drivers might be hard on arms; but the case is totally opposite. Impact drivers are extremely easy to work with. This is because it creates less twist in wrist than a regular driver.

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