Best Tips for Ice Machine Maintenance

ice machine maintenanceAn ice machine is an important component of commercial kitchens. It is one of the hardest working machines for restaurants and other food service businesses. But it is also one of the most overlooked machines when it comes to maintenance. Ice is essential for the storage and preparation of items on your menu and should be treated like food when safety and sanitation is concerned. If maintained properly, an ice machine can serve your for a decade, or even longer. To ensure that the ice machine is functioning well and producing the best=tasting ice, here are some useful tips.

Regular Cleaning and Sanitization

Every six months, thorough cleaning of your commercial ice machine is necessary, after you empty it completely. During peak seasons, even more frequent cleaning is necessary. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for particular cleansing instructions; however, generally, you can cleanse the ice machine using an ice-machine sanitizer and a nickel-safe scale remover. Don’t forget to clean every part, including the ice bin.

Antimicrobial Protection

Consider detachable antimicrobial filters built-in in the ice machines to protect the machine parts from lint, dust, grease and other common impurities in the kitchen which can result in mold and slime. These filters should be removed and thoroughly cleaned every couple of months.

Replacing Water Filters

Water filter ensures formation of best-tasting ice in your ice machine. But it should be replaced regularly. Besides enhancing flavor of ice, water filters also removes scale so as to keep the machine in tip-top shape.

Cleaning and Replacing Air Filters

In case of air-cooled ice machines it is important to clean the air filters regularly and replace them when needed. Air filters capture microscopic airborne particles, like flour, dust and yeast, which can get into the machine and damage the parts, as well as contaminate the ice. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations about replacing air filters. But in general, the recommended period is six months.

Professional Servicing

Your ice machine is your business investment and to ensure getting the best ROI, you should get it serviced by a professional once in a year. Professionals can tune-up your machine and be practical about fixing any existing issues, so as to ensure not only present proper working, but also good functioning in the future.

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