4 Prominent Advantages of Concrete Laser Screed Machines

concrete laser screedDevelopment of laser screed technology took place because of the increasing demand for more level and flatter industrial floors. Because of laser screed models, contractors can create concrete floors that are more level and stronger than those created by more conventional techniques of screeding. This innovative technology has transformed the concrete industry by increasing the client expectations and standards of concrete floors.

Laser screed equipment has four wheel steer and four wheel drive, and is operated by one person who can seat at a point of maximum visibility which is a 360 degree rotating platform equipped with a telescopic boom which is a screed head, a plough and auger that levels the concrete by cutting it and the material is compacted by a vibrating beam.

The machine has an automatic, laser-guided control system which enables the machine to precisely place and finish concrete to the desired level and complete specified.

Advantages of Laser Screeds for Concrete Leveling

There are several advantages of laser screeds for concrete contractors as compared to manual screeding methods. Here are some:

1.Flatter Floors

One of the most prominent advantages of concrete laser screed is that it can achieve laser-precise levelness and flatness every time. Floors produced by laser screed are typically stronger, flatter and more level than those produced by traditional techniques.

2. Less Manual Effort

You can get more work done from fewer workers because of laser screeds since the equipment does the most of the strenuous work. Because of this, the efficiency on the jobsite increases because larger daily placements can be finished with fewer workers.

3. Higher Accuracy

Laser guided technology offers contractors higher accuracy on every job. Because of this, contractors get higher customer satisfaction and further profitability.

4. Quicker Placement

Laser screed machine can be moved around obstacles on jobsite easily and eliminate majority of framework. The meaning of this is that more paving or floor can be placed every day, which helps you meet deadlines or even exceed them.

Because of all these advantages, there is an increase in quality, efficiency and productivity of each and every job. Usage of this machine can result in reduced labor costs because the technology enables faster placement and less manual labor. Eventually, contractors can get increased profits due to laser screeds as they can do higher quality work in less time.

If you haven’t yet bought concrete laser screed machine, consider investing in it to get higher quality work and increased reputation in the market.

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