Benefits of evaporative cooling system at home

evaporative cooling systemYou must have some idea why the air in a sea side or river side feels colder. It is so, when the hot air passes over the large water body, water from the source gets evaporate and in the process the air loses some temperature and becomes cool. The same principle is at work in case of an evaporative cooling system, in which the hot air passes through specially designed chilling pads and gets cooled. Then the cool air is blown in to the building by a fan.

Snowman evaporative air conditoining installation Melbourne offers a smart evaporative cooling system for those who love to have the fresh and healthy air in their home and those who want to bring nature home. Their refrigeration system does not re-circulate the stale air already moving through the cycle from AHU to grills to exhaust and then re-circulated via the AHU. Unlike that this system of air conditioning has a ducted cooling system installed at the roof top and connected to a few points for distribution of fresh air which are placed at different locations at home. The air while passing through the cooling pad gets cleans and all nasty elements, dust and allergens get trapped there in the pad and you get the supply of fresh air only.

The fresh air enters the room and pushes away the warmer air once in every two minutes which keeps the room cool and fresh always. Most important thing about this system is that this one is designed exclusively for the Melbourne climate. The other benefits of this system includes

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Quite operation
  3. Little operation cost
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Faster cooling cycle
  6. High durability
  7. Long life

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the maintenance for this system is very easy and the maintenance team is available just a call away. So install this one in your home and enjoy fresh and healthy hair.

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