Tractor, Application and modification of tractors

In agriculture, tractors found their main application. They are widely used in the fields. Modification of tractors is also used in the construction and road works.

Classification of the chassis and tractors.

Each tractor can be attributed to two categories. On agricultural and industrial.

Agricultural tractors have their own classification for the traction of the nominal torque, type of chassis and purpose.

Traction rated effort – this effort, which

develops within the tractor pulling the maximum efficiency. By Nominal traction-propelled chassis and tractors for agricultural purposes are divided into 8 main thrust of classes: 0,9, 0,6, 1.4, 5, 6.8, 2, 3, 4.

Each of these classes has several major base models or just one. In this basic model has several versions, differing from the basic model features of the devices. Typically, the base model and modifications of the engines, chassis and transmission are the same. Agricultural tractors to appoint subdivided as follows: universal tractors, lawn and garden, special and general purpose tractors.

General purpose tractors, which include machines from 3 to 6 classes, perform basic agricultural tasks except harvesting cultivated some crops, as well as inter-row cultivation.

Universal tractors, which may include traction classes 0,6; 1.4, 0.9, 2, intended for the cultivation of root crops, namely, processing and planting rows. Also, tractors are used for transport studies and small fields. Open-frame low-power and garden tractors run on berry bushes, in gardens, vegetable plantations, and also takes in the performance of transport operations.

They were also divided into two types, focusing on the chassis: track and wheel.

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