Tillage Machines

Into two subgroups can be divided tillage machines:

Tillage Machine . Machine for surface treatment.

Tillage Machine . With this purpose plows, cultivators, Subsoiler-ploskorezy. These machines can handle the soil to a depth of 30 centimeters.

Ploskorezy. In those areas where the soil is exposed to wind erosion than other areas, it is appropriate to use ploskorezov. You can use them  just loosen the soil, but not wrapping the whole reservoir. In this case, remains on the surface stubble, reduces wind speed, so the soil is not carried away from the field. To deal with weed vegetation can, using a different technology tillage. For this purpose the subsequent operations.

Plows. For tillage in our area used plows. Using them is loosening and turning over beds. Thus, weeds are sealed.

Machines for surface treatment of the soil. In the process of surface treatment of the soil loosening occurs at a depth of 10 cm This type of treatment performed by several types of machines. Each has its purpose.

The following types of machinery used for soil treatment:

Cultivators. There are 2 types of cultivators: for inter-row tillage for continuous tillage. This section introduces the cultivators SPC-4 for the continuous cultivation. Their mission – loosening the soil at 12-18 cm, as well as pruning the root system of weeds.

Rollers. There are also two brand rollers: water-filled smooth – 3KVG-1, 4, and ring-shporovye – ZKKSH-6. Rollers are designed for compaction of the soil (upper layer) after sowing, as well as leveling the field, the destruction of large lumps, and the application before sowing.

Harrows. Harrow intended for loosening the soil and destruction of soil crust, pulling out weeds, breaking up clumps and then leveling the ground surface. Two types of harrows: disc and teeth. Brands harrows: BSO-4. BZSS-1 BPO-0, 6, BZTS-1, RDT-3.

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