Maintaining Farming Equipment, Machinery and Property is Important

pushbuttonleadmachineDo you consider farming to be a mere science? Well, you should reconsider your point of view, since farming requires both science and art in a delicate balance. Everything you do while farming needs to be done with care and love. This includes maintaining farming equipment, machinery and property. If you only imagine ruining everything you have planted because farming machinery hasn’t been maintained properly, you will see the practical reason why taking care of the equipment and property is important. However, it’s not only practical and wise, but also obligatory by the law in many countries around the world. UK farmers, for example, must maintain their equipment, machinery and property in order to avoid risking safety and health, so they have to ensure all the items they use are safe to work with. Both farmers and their employees have to be safe while doing their job.

First of all, create inventories for all the equipment and machinery you own and that will help you maintain everything smoother. The greater the farm, the huger the commitment in terms of time and energy. So, keep maintenance lists on your fingertips and be well organized. Think about season, phases and safety and keep records. So, arrange maintaining by season and make a list of every up keep you have to do before the change of seasons. If you do not buy new machinery every day (and you usually don’t), divide maintenance process into phases so you can do all the phases on regular basis. Think about the safety, so list all the hazards of each item you use. Finally, keep record of everything you do on the farm, including all maintenance activities. Once you plan and create maintenance schedules, print and hand them out to your employees and everybody will know how and when they should get down to maintenance of particular machinery and equipment.

While maintaining vehicles, you should make sure whether engines and brakes work properly. Fuel tanks should be clean, carefully empty them because of the explosion risks. When changing batteries, disconnect the terminals first in order to avoid electrical hazards.

When it comes to general farm maintenance tips, we will list things you should and shouldn’t do.

  • Everybody who operates machine should know how to stop a vehicle before starting it.
  • Machinery and equipment should be stored properly and the surrounding area around it has to be clean and without blockades.
  • While operating a particular machine, operators must take all the safety precautions (wearing protective clothing, for example).
  • When removing blockages from machinery, don’t forget to disconnect them from the main power supply.
  • Don’t keep machinery dirty.
  • Don’t use machine while wearing clothing with dangling chains or loose clothes.
  • Don’t use harmful substances for degrease (such as paraffin and petrol).

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