Brief description of sites harvesters


Stalk of the plant leads to the auger header and cutting device.

Auger header.

Hands skewed grain mass to the window, tilt the camera.

Tilt camera.

Produces grain mass transportation to the threshing machine.


Screw blades captures the grain mass produce thrashing.


Fail to the threshing unit grain mass.

Threshing machine.


main part of the grain, and threshing produces grain pan, the filing of a pile of walkers.

Grain pan.

Redistributes grain and carries a pile in the lower layers.


Produces a separation of grain from the heap.


Consists of a system of sieves, separating the grains and impurities. In this case, sends it directly into the grain auger.

Cleansing fan.

Creates a stream of air, which sends it to the system of sieve, blowing chaff with shallow impurities.

Grain auger.

Engaged in supply refined grains to the elevator, which transports it into the bunker.


Refined grains collected and discharged into the vehicle.

Kolosova auger.

Nedomolochennaya of ears with an elevator back to the threshing drum to domolota.

Standalone domolachivayuschee device.

Produced threshing spikes that come with the cleaning.

The internal combustion engine.

This engine is designed for movement, as well as drive the operating entity of the combine.

Straw walker.

Here is the final selection from a pile of grain and subsequent submission to the stacker straw.


Vspushivaet moving grain pile. Thus, the reduced loss of grain.


With the help of accumulated chaff and straw, forming shock and landed on the field.


At this stage, is fed to the straw chopper-spreader.


Grinds the remnants solomistogo heap, with evenly scattered ground mass in the field.

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