A new generation of heavy trucks Yale: saves fuel and saves your money!

Introducing a new series of trucks Yale DC / EC capacity from 8 to 16 tons – maximum performance and economy! Thanks to the innovative transmission and hydraulic system with load control new series bolshegruzov guarantees 10% fuel savings, compared with the previous DB / EB.

A series of DC / EC produced in 7 models with different capacity and wheelbase. Each model has two complete, Base and Value, which differ in a model of transmission and hydraulic performance.

– Transmission Dana TE-10, which are equipped with forklifts complete Base, has a system overload protection and extended service life. Value is set to complete transmission ZF, designed for operation in harsh conditions. This transmission has a more efficient power and cooling savings of up to 5% of fuel compared to the TE-10. Both transmissions have three speeds forward and 3 reverse.

– The hydraulic system with load control has reduced fuel consumption by 5% compared with the previous series of heavy trucks Yale. Hydraulic control system changes the flow axial piston pump according to engine speed and control signals from the operator. This not only reduces fuel consumption but also reduce the temperature of the working hydraulic fluid, as well as reduce noise.

Powerful and reliable, diesel trucks Yale Series DC / EC designed to operate in the harshest conditions. These machines allow you to work with a variety of goods: from containers to kolesosemnyh grabs.

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