This Memorial Day Buy Pool Supplies with Heavy Discounts!

The Memorial Day is nearing and a lot of swimming pool supplies wholesalers have declared annual sales with heavy discounts on equipment for all types of swimming pools, including above ground pools. Memorial Day marks the start of summer vacation and swimming parties form an inevitable part of the vacations. No wonder, the merchants want to take advantage of the occasion to push up their sale for the pool supplies. You too can take advantage of the heavy discounts offered on the occasion of Memorial Day by the merchants of swimming pool supplies to make your swimming parties even more enjoyable.

The swimming pool supplies you may need are decided by many factors and major among them is the kind of swimming pool you have. However there are also some tools which are needed by all kinds of pools.

Above Ground Pool – If you have an above ground pool, you will require some specialized tools designed for that type of pool. E.g. ladders needed for the above ground pool are of A shape and their half part lies inside the pool and the other half lies outside. Filters needed for above ground pools too are different than those for the in-ground pools. They are like add-ons kept inside the pool, but are not built in the inside wall.

In-Ground Pool – Filters are needed for all types of pools, but those needed for in-ground pools are different than above-ground pool. A filter for an in-ground pool is like an element of the swimming pool itself, because it is structured in the side wall.

Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps and filters are the most basic tools needed for the pool. Pumps ensure that the pool is filtered in a correct way. Without an efficient pump, your pool will accumulate dirt fast and it will be difficult for you to remove the debris.





Along with pumps, filters are also essential for pools to keep them clean. They clean out objects like twigs, leaves, insects, etc. Pumps and filters work together to circulate pool water and distribute the chemicals, like sanitizers evenly in the water. You can also buy larger kit of pump and filters to save money.



Pool Cover

Pool covers are also essential to ensure that the pool remains clean. Apart from keeping unwanted objects out of the pool, the pool covers also circulate the sun’s heat into the water in the pool. The swimming pool covers are tied firmly around the pool and thus don’t let the heat to escape. Thus when you pump in warm water in the pool, it doesn’t go waste. Covers also minimize the evaporation of water and so save your money spent on chemicals. They can lengthen your swimming season, permitting you to keep the swimming pool warmer later in fall and earlier in spring.


Automatic Cleaners

If you are not sure about the regular cleanups of your swimming pool, automatic cleaners are also available for you which do all the important cleaning jobs for you.





Swimming pool skimmers are ideal to keep the water clean and perfect for swimming. Skimmers are installed in the walls of the pool and are linked with suction pump. They filter out all the dirt. Thus they not only keep the pool clean, but also increase the life of filters and pumps, by reducing their workload.



Heaters & Heat Pumps

Heaters or heat pumps are essential for swimming pool for night-time swims. However the essentiality of these swimming pool supplies depends largely on the area where you live, meaning, if the climate is warm or cold.



Timers & Controls

Timers & controls are useful for regulating the working of other tools. They are used to turn the other gadgets on only when needed. They are very useful in reducing unnecessary energy wastage and also save your time and effort.



Steps and Ladders

Steps and ladders are not only important for making entry and exit in the pool easy, but also help to prevent unauthorized entry when the pool is not in use.




Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are useful pool supplies for inhibiting dirt and also for increasing pool temperature by at least 15 degrees, without any running expenses!

There are many other pool supplies which you can use to increase the efficiency of your pool and make the most of it. Purchasing them on the occasion of Memorial Day will get you heavy discounts on them and you can enjoy your swimming parties a lot!

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