Thermal Imaging Cameras

Temperature monitoring is very important both in the industry and in our everyday lives. We need to measure temperature if we want to determine if our meal is cooked thoroughly or if our vehicles are overheating. Thermal imaging cameras not only measure temperature, but give us a picture showing temperature differences of a certain surface. Thermography provides rapid scanning of surfaces, plus it is nondestructive and eco-friendly. Why is this important? Thermal imaging cameras enable us to quickly detect defects or potential problems and this quick detection reduces troubleshooting time and maintenance. Because of these features, thermal imaging cameras have become an usual tool in the home inspection industry. They are useful in verifying building performance to specifications and structure design, determining insulation condition, locating moisture intrusion and leaks etc. Of course, their application does not end here. In fact, their application is only limited by the imagination and creativity of the users.

In general, thermal imaging cameras are capable of saving the thermal (temperature differences of a surface) images to its memory card or an internal memory. This depends on an exact thermal imaging camera features. Once you are done taking the photographs, they can be viewed and edited either on the camera or downloaded to a computer. Users can select some of the multiple color palettes, but the iron palette is usually selected by home inspectors.

The price of a thermal imaging camera can vary pretty much. The price usually depends on the resolution and this is the typical difference between thermal imaging cameras. Similar to the megapixels when you buy a regular digital camera, the higher the resolution is, the better picture clarity is. So, the most important feature to look for is resolution. Also, check out whether the unit possesses a car charger or a field changeable battery. And of course, temperature range is an important feature to look for, as well.

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