Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are machines take plain old tap water and transform it into alkaline water (pH >7) in an electrical filtration process. These days, there are some scientific claims, although not exactly approved, that drinking alkaline water is very useful for an overall well-being and healthy lifestyle. Some ionizer sellers claim that they can reduce obesity, fatigue and cancer. Water Ionizer marketing experts claim that this alkaline water if drank or used as the facial and body wash can be anti-oxidant and anti-aging.

If you are looking for the best water ionizer, the decision is not easy. The best water ionizer brand under $1000 is probably Bowell. However, everybody has different needs and uses a water ionizer for specific purposes. There are three types of water that could be used for several properties. First and the most popular one is the drinking water for human consumption and it should be perfectly alkaline. The second type of ionizers makes water appropriate for these uses: facial and body wash, shaving etc. And, the third type is made to create more mineralized and harsh water perfect for cleaning the kitchen, household surfaces and the bathroom.

There are different filtering systems used in water ionizers. Charcoal filters do not change the taste of the water, so you will get the water that tastes exactly like the tap water. Charcoal filters might be susceptible to growing mold and therefore they have to be changed from time to time. Ceramic filters are the second option.

Even though there are many solutions, once you find out what exactly do you need water ionizer for, you will be able to decide quite simply which one to purchase. What you should be look for are the number of plates, their sizes, the filter replacement and filtration costs. Price also does matter and it is an important factor when choosing the right water ionizer.

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