Hydraulic swage NC C92K

In today’s Park press-forging equipment (PAC) a significant place is occupied by vapor-air hammers, which are universal machine-tools for punching large and heavy forgings. However, their effective efficiency is at a level of 2-3%, which does not correspond to modern technical standards.
Known design with hydraulic hammers, for example by “Anyang (China), which provides higher efficiency, have an insufficient value of the mass of moving parts (m.p.d.).
In order to improve the reliability of hammers, exceptions disclosure of joints between the uprights and between the slabs and shabotom shabota, the construction involves the use of hammers in the hammer frame prestressed columns.
Hydraulic swage are qualitatively new type of hammer and designed for precision hot forging a wide range of forgings from ferrous, non ferrous, titanium, heat-resistant alloys and hard-to all branches of engineering and industry.
Hydraulic swage can be regarded as the modernization of traditional vapor-air swage.
Hammers can be made in shabotnom and besshabotnom performance.


Hydraulic swage NC C92K used for more precise forging for various types of forging and any accessories.


System performance:

  • Hydraulic forging hammer – a new energy-saving equipment does not contaminate the environment.
  • Energy savings – more than 90% in comparison with steam forging presses and working from the compressor.
  • Their use improves the working conditions in factories and industries.


Technical details of equipment:

  • high frequency of stroke and head hammer quickly returned, leaving on the stamp is no change;
  • impact force can be customized with capture, at its discretion;
  • fault diagnosis system allows automated diagnostics, which helps reduce the time needed to analyze the causes of failure;
  • frame and body are made of cast steel;
  • hydraulic lift device provides the reliability and stability of molded parts.

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