Tips for Buying Used Excavators

excavators usedExcavators are commonly used for a wide range of activities withing the field of construction. Although it is always wise to buy a new machine, even the the major companies buy used excavators from time to time. The reason is quite simple: used machines are much cheaper. Nevertheless, when purchasing used excavator or used machine parts, there are certain points you should borne in mind.

Scalloping – Check between the teeth of excavator bucket for signs of half-mooned shaped scalloping. Although it doesn’t have to mean that the bucket has to be replaced, scalloping still indicates a reduced cutting force.

Broken or inaccurate hours meter – Check the control pedals, since their excessive wear might be an indicator that the excavator has been operating more hours logged than noted.

Leaks – For signs of leaks, hydraulic pump compartment should be opened. All cylinders, hoses and lines should be checked, as well as swing bearing or slew ring (it could forewarn the excessive movement or play). Keep in mind that it’s necessary to repair any leaks in order to ensure the safe and continued use of the excavator.

Cracks, dents and bends – Obviously, cracks cannot be a good sign, in particular if located in the key connection point welds, like between the stick and bucket or stick and boom. If you spot large dents on the undercarriage of the excavator or to the top of the stick, they could be result of using a machine inadequately by its operator.

Movement or play – If a slew ring is damaged, it’s quite costly item to be replaced or repaired. Therefore, rotate the excavator housing to a quarter turn in order to check for any movement and play in the slew ring. Also, look for any movement at the connection points of excavator bucket, stick and boom. All bushings and pins should be tight, ideally.

A stall test – It can help you get information about pump and engine performance.

As far as we’re concerned, buying a used machine can be a bargain. Still, it’s important to take care of these things in order to get the good value for money, since unexpected repairs and replacements can be quite costly.

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