Things to consider before hiring a skip

Skip-HireAs with all projects, a little thinking before acting goes a long way. This holds particularly true when hiring a skip. There’s a lot to think about. The types and quantities of waste along with any special needs all must be considered. If you sit down and think about things, though, you’ll be able to figure it all out.

Determine the type of waste

Your waste type is important; if it’s liquid, then specialized skips (containers) must be contracted. If it’s solid waste, ordinary skips will do. Furthermore, you have to analyze what type of solid will be disposed of. Some considerations would be if it’s recyclable goods, or if it’s biodegradable, such as restaurant waste. If you need to hire a contractor then look to a skip hire company such as Map Waste Skip Hire who can help with skip hire services and free advice on where you stand both legally and from a safety perspective.

Understand the volume

Second, you have to predict the amount of debris. Skips are sized by the cubic yard or metres, and you have to plan accordingly. If it’s just a simple remodelling project, perhaps a 6 cubic yard skip will do the job. If you are planning for a large business, 40 yard skips are available. You may even have to contract multiple skips for ongoing businesses.

various sizes

Ensure your land is prepared

Third, you have to consider the actual location of the skip. Common sense tells you not to locate in the middle of a parking lot, but it should still be accessible to haul it in and out. An aspect of skip placement is complying with local laws. The planning authorities may have only one specific area in mind for skips, and you have to comply. To ensure compliance, confer with specialists in the local building department who will work with you in developing a plan for placement.

Health and Safety is important

Finally, you have to think about general health and safety. If the skip is located in an area that would pose a danger to a person, then it should be relocated. Intelligence has to prevail. If its dangerous to load waste in, then the location must be changed. Look at the plat of your property, and identify safe and unsafe areas.

Yes, there’s a lot to think about. From safety to size to type, it must all have to be planned out first. Take it step by step, and gain a familiarity with the local laws as well. No one person can know everything (although some claim they do); therefore you have to rely on the expertise of others. A truly qualified skip hire services will sit down with you, and hold lengthy discussions on what your needs are and how they can go about fulfilling your goals.

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