Types of agricultural machinery

Chance to take away all the work had tractors harvesters. Until now, they do their basic work on the farms of modern agriculture. Also they are used for movement of equipment – vehicles plowed land, sowing seeds, and perform multiple operations simultaneously.

By planting prepare the soil arable machines. This is done by loosening the earth, killing weeds, and competing plants. The most famous adaptation is the plow.

The plow is the most ancient tools that

came to our times, and seriously have been greatly enhanced by John Deere. Today, the plow is used less often in the form of what appeared disc machine and wrapped with a layer of soil with diesel engines. They work the soil to a certain depth, while retain moisture.

Widely distributed as planters and drills. Planters are used for automated planting seedlings. Upon completion of this process, different machines are used to control weeds between rows, is also introduced pesticides and fertilizers. For the close-packing plants are using hay press, particularly alfalfa.

A variety of machines, in addition, are used for successful agriculture, and the included aircraft, helicopters and trucks. The basic process of serious changes over the past 100 years has not undergone.

Modern harvesters, seeders are working faster than their predecessors. Those processors that are now worth 250 thousand dollars is still cut, threshed, share product all on the hedgehog scheme that many years ago. Changed the management of vehicles due to the fact that computerized monitoring system, as well as GPS navigation and self-management program should make modern cars more accurate, less wasteful and use fuel, fertilizer and seeds. Agricultural in the foreseeable future plan to become more attuned to self-management, using GPS navigation and electronic sensors.

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