Transplanters invention relates to agriculture, to the planters. Can be used for planting vegetable seedlings bezgorshechnym way. The essence of the invention – increasing productivity, which was the goal. Losing weight feeder, as well as flexibility and protecting seedlings from outside influences of nature. Machine for planting seedlings consists of dogruzhatelya and frames, which are based on oportno-drive wheels. With Pan Tilt mounted on the frame opener, packing roller, the drive mechanism

feeder and the feeder itself, which consists of a console drum (elastic coating), the shell, the lower the receiving roller, the upper and lower leading master clips, and takezh top receiving roller.

The ends of the strips are attached permanently to the drum. Others, which envelope the leading rollers are fixed only at the receiving rollers.

Motor housing, the side of his party, pointing to the crown of plants, has cut the curly shape.

Feeder drive mechanism consists of:

chain transmission, supporting the drive wheel, shaft countershaft, countershaft sprocket and the drive shaft of the lower roller feeder, idler, chain drive, star drive shaft, chain drive clutch, a pair of gears, clutches, cam clutches, the moving axes, handles and bushings.

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