Something About Agriculture in Brief

Many years ago, people were dependent on fishing, hunting and accumulating to deliver food for their families. They searched for plants that could be eaten. Very soon people understood that they could actually grow these plants themselves. They also found that they could also make clothing out of fibers of plants. People used flax and cotton to produce clothing. This was the starting of farming. People still had to learn how to make or develop the soil for planting. They slowly learned breeding and growing plants. They learn processing, or changing the plants according to how they wanted. After sometime, agriculture matured into science. Agriculture has used developments in technology to enhance the techniques for growing and gathering crops.

Farm Equipment: Crops are planted in depthless trenches by a farmer. Another way to define the process of planting is sowing the seeds. Channels and depthless trenches that appear like narrow canals in the ground. The farmer uses the dirt to combine nutrients into the soil. Plants require different types of nutrients to be healthy. Farmers turn the ground as well to loosen the soil and provide space for the seeds to grow.

Plowing is an innovation made to break up soil. A plow is a metal piece shaped in the form of V in the front. It digs channels when clambered through the ground. A farmer accelerates the plow from the back or drags it from the front side. He may also make use of animals like ox or horse to accelerate or drag the plow. A tractor can also be used to pull various farming machines. Tractors are a kind of vehicle that has huge wheels to prevent it from sinking in mud.

Typically developed plants

Reapers and Sickles: Farmers have to harvest or cut the crops down and collect the portions that can be used after they have grown to complete size. People can cut the crops even with their hand. Sickle is an invention that they can use to make the job easy. It is an equipment with curved sharp blade. Harvesting with the help of sickle is a word work and takes pretty long time. The reaper is another innovation. This is a machine that wheat and other such grains with the help of various blades. It works quickly compared to a sickle.

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