Seeder Machine

Seeder – a unit (a kind of agricultural equipment), intended to make the seeds into the soil evenly. The use of seed drills for planting, and many cultures is widely used. With its help sow the grain, vegetable, herb and other small-seeded. Facilitates the process of sowing and the use of drills, which ensures even distribution of seeds in the soil and improving crop quality and quantity.

The classification of planters:

1. According to the method of seeding: nested, ordinary,

square-breeding, and splash odnozernovye drills.

Their destination:

– Universal. Can be used for planting different crops.

– Combined. The fertilizer into the soil are equipped with additional devices.

– Special. For the seeding of a certain type of seed.

2. According to the method of transportation: trailer, and hand-mounted drill.

Drills differ in the method of sowing – by wide, closed drills, solid, and tape. Each drill includes: one or two or more boxes of seeds, equipment for planting, which is uniformly fed from boxes or jars of seeds in the vas deferens, as well as openers, forming grooves in the soil where the seeds come and embedding bodies in the process of suspending the grooves of the soil and leveling the field.

Tedders housed in planter boxes, some that destroy the seed vault, which contribute to a better flow of them to the sowing machines. FOR sowing elements of splash seeders strengthened distribution boards, where the seeds fall evenly on the surface of the field. Each working member of the unit, whether it’s sowing machine or agitator, will receive the rotation of the drive or the support-wheel drive. This process occurs through gear and chain transmission.

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