Reclamation machines

Various excavators are used for digging drainage channels. Irrigation (irrigation) by the irrigation system, which includes permanent temporary channels and dams, as well as other facilities needed to regulate the air-water regime of soil.

During the construction of irrigation channels use different machinery. Temporary irrigation canals, after performing its role, falls asleep and zaravnivayut. For this purpose kanalokopateli-zaravnivateli, palodelateli-leveler,

Each of these machines is equipped with interchangeable working bodies. You can also set the working body to zaravnivaniya or slicing time irrigators, as well as poured earth walls that limit the spread of the field of water flow for deep soil loosening and leveling them.

To zaravnivaniya irrigators used kanalokopatel corps, although dumps put forward a solution, they take in this soil, which had previously been removed in the process of building the canal. Subsequently, resets it and the canal is filled.

In order to achieve drying of the soil, and vice versa, as well as bring water to the plants, used slot underground cavities in the form of small channels that are more similar to the mole tunnels. Channels and cracks were named Dren. These slotted drains more durable molehills, you can also run them in peat, if there are bushes, stumps or other woody inclusions. With the help of the drainage-slot machines are run slotted drains, as well as molehills – krotodrenazhnye machines and krotovateli.

In a drive to the legs of the drainage-slot machine is and the working body, as well as the chain with feet, screw (big screw).

Powered by a working body of the tractor with the engine. By a separate motor is cut in the ground smooth slit.

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