Reaper Machine

Header is called a machine for mowing crop, and transporting a threshing combine mowed mass, as well as for laying the same mass for a separate cleaning rollero f mounted combine harvester can be a screw or a platform. Used platformernaya reaper mowing crops and auger – for direct combining and separate method of harvesting. In separate ways mowing culture, in rolls involved reel and cutting apparatus, while installed conveyor belt. In the selection is set up, screw and tilt the camera. This process uses a reel and a cutting device.

Cutting reaper on the principle of shear produces a cut stem. The fixed fingers are made of steel and iron, which sets protivorezhuschie plate. Of the triangular plates segments recruited movable knife for the reaper. Due to the reciprocating motion of the knife is cutting, with cutting sharp edges make cutting the segments of the stems.

Stems brings swift cut plants, keeping them in the process of cutting. After that, the grain weight is transferred deep into the platform.

Cleaning loaves were killed. Reel pushed forward, sinking lower. Spring fingers through it up the ears, hold them until the moment of cutting. Inclined conveyor and transported to the combine shneg entire grain mass. Conveyor belts are installed on the separation of combine harvesting to reaper, they are supplied with wooden slats and this transporter moves to vybrosnomu window cut weight.

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