Improving Safety While Operating Agricultural Machinery

Though farming may look like an easy and simple procedure, planting crops, harvesting and  other things is a complicated and always risky industry. The heavy machinery used to load, plant, harvest and move crops in such big numbers presents many dangerous situations, and knowing the proper safety precautions and practices is important to lowering the risk of harm on the job. Let’s know the details on how to Proper enhance safety while working with heavy agricultural machinery here below:


Appropriate training:

Before sitting on a huge farm machinery to get the work done, workers have to be completely trained on how to operate and drive the equipment properly. Workers should also be aware of the proper safety methods in case of machine failure or malfunction. Understand how the machine moves and handles things, and know the danger areas that are there when moving the vechicle. Understanding how to get in and get out of the vehicle is also important. Never jump off of a machine, and be sure your hands are not busy with any tools.

Fasten your Seat Belt

Though farm equipment may not move very quick, but it is still crucial to wear a seat belt. Some machines must go through public roads, where the danger of accident increases. Three is also chance that machinery could roll down because of unstable situations. Fastening your seat belt should become your habit while getting into any huge farm machinery.

Proper Clothing:

While working with  heavy equipment on a farm, make sure to wear clothing that is tight fitting. Clothing that are baggy or loose increase the injury risk, as there is a chance that shirts, pants and sleeves could get caught in between heavy machinery. Wearing proper footwear is also important, as it protects feet from falling objects, additionally to giving workers better grip in slippery places.

Testing and Inspection:

Farmers should always make sure that their equipment is working correctly and proficiently before making use of it. When you are in the fields, make sure to use smell, sight and hearing to know if there is any change in the operation of machine. If a piece of equipment is not working correctly, let the supervisor know about it immediately.

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