Farm Equipment Cleaning Machines

Days have gone when animals were used for farming. Today for every agricultural activity, like sowing, spraying fertilizers and pesticides, reaping and threshing, there are machines. For irrigation, there are specialized machines like pumps and engines, and also special equipment for spraying water evenly and easily. Also for aerial spraying of fertilizers and insecticides, similar kinds of tools are used. Reaping machines include harvesters, conveyor belts, combine harvesters, corn harvesters, and the like. Various types of vehicles too are brought into use for agricultural works, other than tractors, like trucks, helicopters and airplanes, for transportation of crops and animals, and for spraying activities. Obviously, all these machines need a good maintenance and cleaning them is the most essential part of their maintenance, to keep them safe from corrosive fertilizers, insecticides, dirt, stains and mud.

Pressure Washers

For appropriate cleaning of agricultural equipment, pressure washers are the most ideal. They can effectively clean up barns, farm machinery, wheel tractors, seeders, sprayers, trucks, reapers, ploughs, hay equipment, compactors, grain drying as well as milking equipment.

Those farmers who do cattle ranching, poultry farming, dairy farming and sheep rearing, for wool, meat and leather, require utmost cleaning for perfect animal hygiene. Pressure washers are ideal for them, because they clean stains, dirt and other garbage from the living quarters of animals.

Pressure washers can also clean manure spreaders, soil cultivators, conveyor belts, combine harvesters, stalk shredders, planters, silage harvesters, trailers, pickers, pesticide spreaders, hay equipment and telehandlers too, effectively.

Silos too can be cleaned with pressure washers. Silos should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent and destroy pests. They should be cleaned between fills.

Tractors and other farm vehicles should also be pressure washed immediately after operating them, because any delay can bring about hardening of silt, mud or other such substances, accumulated on them and they can corrode your valuable machines.

How to Use Them?

Keep a distance of 2 to 3 feet from the surface to clean, while spraying. Get known about various pressure washer accessories, like turbo nozzle, remote stations, surface cleaner, multiple wands and many others, for effective cleaning of your farm machinery and spaces.

Diamer is a leading brand in pressure washers and their machines are used for cleaning both agricultural and industrial machinery. They also present a variety in the machines, like steam pressure washers, hot pressure washers, cold pressure washers, portable pressure washers, pressure washers mounted on trailers, and many more.

Choose good quality pressure washers to keep your farm equipment and spaces clean and efficient and do the cleaning activity without fail, which will make you proud of being an efficient and progressive farmer.


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